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wildfire Drawing Setup option documentation for: view_scale_denominator            


determines denominator for the view scale before simplifying the fraction.

default and available settings

note: if set to a positive integer and view_scale_format is a decimal, the view scale chosen for the first view of a model in the drawing is rounded to the nearest value with the specified denominator. if the view scale is so small that rounding would make the scale 0.0, the value of view_scale_denominator is automatically changed by multiplying it by the smallest power of 10, which would give a positive value if rounding the scale down (although rounding up can happen). when you type a view scale value, you can round it to an allowable fraction.

the system does not round existing scale values after you have edited the setup file; they are approximate. displays approximate scales preceded by a tilde (~), if you set the configuration file option mark_approx_dims to yes. if you set it to 0, expresses the scale value in decimal format.