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creo4 Drawing Setup option documentation for: default_view_note_orientation            


Controls the placement of the new detail view notes.
Default and Available Settings:
next_to_and_centered_about_elbow* - The detail view note text is placed next to and centered about the leader elbow.
above_extended_elbow - Creates detail view placement per the Chinese GB and Russian ESKD standards. For the GB standard, the view name is placed in the form, <view name> (<view scale>). For the ESKD standard, the view name is displayed with a horizontal line separating the view name and the view scale.
* You can use the above_extended_elbow value with all values of the view_note drawing option.
* In case of the GB standard, the horizontal justification of the text within the view note depends on the value of the default_view_label_placement drawing option.