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creo4 Drawing Setup option documentation for: cutting_line_segment_thickness            


Sets the thickness of the cutting line segment that appears at the ends and at any internal corners of the cutting line.
Default and Available Settings:
0* - The default thickness of the cutting line segment is 0.
The cutting_line_segment_thickness detail option does not affect the thickness of cutting line with cutting_line detail option set as std_ansi or std_ansi_dashed.
Non-zero values of cutting_line_segment_thickness and cutting_line_segment detail options affect the display of a cutting line with std_din, std_iso, std_jis, std_jis_alternate, std_eskd, or std_gb standard.
If the value of cutting_line_segment detail option is set to zero, the cutting_line_segment_thickness detail option has no effect on the display of the cutting line.