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creo1 Drawing Setup option documentation for: aux_line_font            


enables the use of line fonts in multiple drawings. the line font <fontname>.lsl file must be in the working directory for aux_line_font to function.
this detail option is not visible in the options dialog unless you:
  • create a new line font within a drawing (the option is automatically set).
  • manually type and set the option.
default and available settings
  • # font name - where # represents a value between 1 and 10,000 and font name represents the auxiliary font you want in the drawing.
you can not delete additional aux_font lines from a dtl file because auxiliary fonts might also be used within drawing notes. instead, you should replace the old font name with a different font. the integer before the font name serves as a cross-reference between the geometry and the line font, enabling you to make blanket changes to fonted geometry. for example:
replacing the value of aux_line_font from 100 dash-1 to 100 solidfont changes all geometry that was originally dash-1 to solidfont.