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wildfire Drawing Setup option documentation for: auto_regen_views            


when you set the auto_regen_views configuration option to yes, the system automatically updates the drawing display by a repaint when you change from one window to another, for example,  when you modify a model in a subwindow while you are working on a drawing in the main window. you can repaint or regenerate the drawing to reflect changes made to the model. when you regenerate it, the system updates the model to reflect the changes made in the drawing.

if you set auto_regen_views to no, you can update only the drawing by choosing update from the view menu, and then selecting drawing views, current sheet, or all sheets. neither the update command in the view menu nor the regenerate command in the edit menu updates the drawing when you have this option set to no, even if you make the change to the model in drawing mode (such as modifying a dimension value). you can select as many views as you want to regenerate at the same time.

if you try to modify a view that you have not updated, pro/engineer displays an error message that it is not going to make changes to the drawing until you apply the update or regenerate command to the view.

note: when you regenerate a parent view, its child views do not automatically regenerate; you must individually select each view on the drawing, including detail views. whenever you save changes to the model, the system displays them on the drawing the next time that you retrieve it, regardless of whether you regenerated the drawing views.

if yes, automatically repaints the display when changing from one window to another. if no, update the drawing, do not repaint the window.