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wildfire2 config.pro option documentation for: FULL_HLR_FOR_CABLES            


full, partial, none

if set to partialor none, some lines that should be hidden behind cables are visible in the wireframe mode. using the model display dialog box, under the edge/linetab, you can set the cable hlroptions for the current session.

full—removes hidden lines from view when cables hide other geometry. use when the display styleis hidden linein the environmentdialog box.

partial—cables hide other non-interfering cables except when cables route together between same locations.

none—display hidden lines (faster) that should be hidden behind cables or wires.

note:effects of using this configuration option are visible only in the hidden-line display mode. helps speed up the display of hidden lines, but at the loss of some quality.



sets the number of undo or redo operations. if the number of operations exceeds 50, the first operation in the stack is removed first, and so on.