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wildfire2 config.pro option documentation for: ATB_AUTO_CHECK_ON_UPDATE            


on, off

sets the state of the auto check status on updatetoggle key. configures the associative topology bus (atb) environment for the system to automatically check the status of the reference file before you update the imported parts or assemblies.

onoautomatically checks the status of the translated image models (tims) or the atb-enabled features before you update them and allows you to skip the check status step of the update process. you can select a tim or an atb-enabled feature for update regardless of its current status. the system automatically checks the status when updateis selected and bases the update on the status that it returns. the auto check status on updatetoggle keyappears checked when you click file > associative topology bus.

the updatecommand works only on tims or atb-enabled features that are currently identified with the out-of-date status. any tim or atb-enabled feature with an up-to-date or broken-link status in the selection buffer is ignored by update and the auto check status on update toggle key appears unchecked when you click file >associative topology bus.